Volume is the quantity of three-dimensional space enclosed by the product's chassis or, in simpler terms, the space the product occupies. Marshall Acton II vs Marshall Stanmore II vs Marshall Woburn II: Review. The one noticeable difference between both the speakers is the addition of a nice and sturdy carrying strap on the top of Kilburn which makes the speaker look quite vintage and classy. When it comes to sheer portability and weather proofing, the Marshall Kilburn is definitely not the best compared to JBL Xtreme. Marshall Tufton, Kilburn II, Stockwell II: Power and loudness. The 30W Class D amplifier for the woofer is what helps this little speaker stand out even when compared with larger units – it’s got plenty of power and bass. Advertiser Disclosure. 99. The highest frequency at which device produces audio. JBL Xtreme 2 vs Marshall Kilburn. It's just as large as the Acton II. To charge the device, you simply put it down on its charging base. 13 editorial reviews. Not surprisingly, the Tufton will give you the most sound for its size. Versus uses cookies to improve your experience on the site. This page is currently only available in English. The addition of smart compatibility opens the possibility of an entire multi-room system, too. The smallest of Marshall’s Alexa-ready wireless speaker range, and at £249 ($299) also the cheapest, the Acton Voice II continues the company’s mirroring of its iconic guitar amplifier aesthetic. X. We recommended the original Marshall Kilburn as our favorite larger Bluetooth speaker for more than a year. The quick-charge feature means you get up to three hours of playtime in just 20 minutes. By continuing to browse our site, you agree to our use of cookies. Both Marshall Acton and Kilburn look quite similar with some differences here and there. 9.57 in. It differs a bit in appearance from its predecessor. Before you make a purchase, I'd recommend you to check out the deals page at marshallheadphones.com as well. The sound vibrations produced by a passive radiator depend on its mass and the size of its enclosure. 66 points. The Marshall Kilburn 2 has a single Frontward firing Woofer and dual tweeters. On the other hand, Marshall Acton has the same look and design. Waterproof and able to float, this is a bassy Bluetooth speaker ready for the beach, even if audiophiles won't be satisfied. Available colors: Editiorial reviews: 4.2 / 5. The Marshall Kilburn II speaker looks great, sounds very good, and has onboard EQ knobs, but ultimately feels priced a little too high. 97 $ 249. Marshall Acton II Voice vs Marshall Kilburn II. A speaker driver is an individual transducer that converts electrical energy to sound waves. Marshall’s Kilburn II is a fantastic update to its bestselling predecessor, with a stunning retro amp-inspired design and a well-rounded sound. Home > Portable speaker comparison > Marshall Acton II Voice vs Marshall Kilburn II. The Marshall Acton II Bluetooth speaker delivers a rich, balanced sound signature, but it can distort on tracks with deep bass. Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) is a wireless standard released in 2009. A sleep timer is a function that shuts off the power after a preset amount of time. JBL Xtreme 2 Shop now at Amazon. The battery can be recharged and used over again. Kilburn also offers wireless connectivi… You can fastly pair devices without entering a code by simply holding one device next to the device with which it is to be paired. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that JBL Xtreme 2 is a more popular bluetooth speaker, based on its 4,000+ reviews. Privacy policy. Product Comparison: JBL Xtreme vs Marshall Kilburn. More drivers may result in better sound quality. 6.38 in. Devices with stereo speakers deliver sound from independent channels on both left and right sides, creating a richer sound and a better experience. MSRP $299.99 $249.99 at Amazon Marshall Kilburn II vs Marshall Stockwell II: Verdict Throughout this article, we have highlighted every significant factor regarding these speakers. And finally theres the JBL Xtreme 2. Passende HiFi-Produkte – z.B. 3.1 3- Altavoz Sonos Play One tamaño pequeño y potente. There are so many things that they have in common, but still, we’ll be distinguishing them from one another – giving you the clean shot on which speaker is mostly right for you. Marshall’s Kilburn II is a fantastic update to its bestselling predecessor, with a stunning retro amp-inspired design and a well-rounded sound. 10.24 in. Whereas the same amount of tweeters and woofer of the Acton II Bluetooth stand at 15 and 30 Watts respectively. Marshall Acton II Voice vs Marshall Kilburn II, Marshall Acton II Haut-parleur Bluetooth - Noir (EU), Marshall Stockwell II Enceinte Portable Bluetooth Étanche IPX4 - Noir, SoundXtra - Support sur Pied pour enceinte Marshall Stanmore - Blanc SDXMSSTMFS1011, Marshall Kilburn II Enceinte Portable Bluetooth Étanche IPX2 - Noir, Haut-Parleur Bluetooth Marshall Kilburn II Burgundy, Marshall Stanmore II Haut-parleur Bluetooth - Noir (EU), kdjsic Câble Audio AUX de Remplacement 3,5 mm Cordon enroulé pour Marshall Woburn Kilburn II Haut-Parleur mâle à Prise mâle, Rong Câble de rechange 3,5 mm pour enceinte M-arshall Woburn Kilburn II, CELLONIC® Batterie Premium Compatible avec Marshall Kilburn 2, Kilburn II, Kilburn II V2, C196A1, TF18650-3200-4S2PA 6400mAh Accu Rechange Remplacement, Yizhet Audio Câble de Remplacement Compatible avec Marshall Monitor/Major I/ Major II /Major III avec Microphone et Contrôle du Volume 3,5mm Mâle à Mâle Câble de Casque (1,2m), KERDEJAR 3.5mm câble Audio AUX de Remplacement Cordon enroulé pour Marshall Woburn Kilburn II Haut-Parleur mâle à mâle Jack, Hensych Câble Audio de Rechange Cordon pour Marshall Major 2 II Headphones, Universal 3.5mm Replacement Audio AUX Cable Coiled Cord for Marshall stockwell Woburn Kilburn II MS2 Speaker Male to male Jack, 3.5mm Replacement Audio AUX Cable Coiled Cord for Marshall Woburn Kilburn II Male to male Jack, 3.5mm Replacement Cord For Marshall Woburn Kilburn II Speaker Male To Male Jack 95AF, 3.5mm Replacement Cable Coiled Cord for Marshall Woburn Kilburn II Male to male, 2020 New 3.5mm Replacement Cord For Marshall Woburn Kilburn II Speaker Male To Male Jack. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. Build is typically Marshall, robust and tactile, with amp-like dials for controlling volume, bass and treble and a brushed metal button for source selection … A built-in FM radio tuner allows you to listen to most of the live-broadcasted FM radio stations without using the internet. We consider a lower weight better because lighter devices are more comfortable to carry. Home > Portable speaker comparison > Marshall Acton vs Marshall Kilburn II. Log in. Marshall Acton II – Features. No items to compare. Moreover, it has no strap for easy carrying, unlike Kilburn. The battery is removable and can be replaced by the user if broken. Marshall Acton, Marshall Kilburn, Marshall Stockwell. Comparison winner. With a standard mini jack socket, you can use the device with most headphones. The Marshall Kilburn II charges with a standard figure-of-eight cable (not USB). Marshall Acton. Troubleshooting - Kilburn II - Bluetooth connection dropping out Troubleshooting - Kilburn II - There is a crackling sound Troubleshooting - Kilburn II - The audio is distorted Kilburn II's two tweeters and one woofer are standing at 8 and 20 Watts respectively. The lower the low-frequency response, the stronger and juicier the bass. Marshall Kilburn II $ 269. Click below to download Kilburn II User Manual PDF >> Kilburn II - English >> Kilburn II - العربية - Arabic >> Kilburn II - български език - Bulgarian >> Kilburn II - Hrvatski - Croatian >> Kilburn II - Čeština - Czech >> Kilburn II - Dansk - Danish >> Kilburn II - Nederlands - Dutch >> Kilburn II - Eesti - Estonian But the design and gold accents are good and the power button sounds nice. Comparison winner. 99. This technology allows the users to use their smartphone as a remote control for the device. Sie wollen… Sound für unterwegs. 2. JBL XTREME 2 vs SONY SRS XB41 : Sound Battle Bass Test - JBL Charge 4 Marshall Acton vs Marshall Kilburn II. But since there is a bass deflector that shoots out the back, this speaker does perform better when its up against a wall. 3.1.1 Ventajas; 3.1.2 Desventajas; 3.2 4- Altavoz Marshall Kilburn muy potente. 66 points. It is usually used in combination with a woofer to produce deep bass tones. 5.35 in. We loved the way it sounded, whether outside or filling large indoor spaces. Ihnen reicht bereits ein dezentes, stationäres Modell wie der Marshall Acton. In fact, my Brazilian dance teacher used it daily with his classes to fire up sambistas in a large dance studio, and nobody for a moment complained that we weren’t using a large built-in sound system. It really gives that look and feel of the classic Marshal brand, plus, its packed with some of the latest technology. The Kilburn 2 is made out of high quality material, all throughout the entire box. It offers higher transfer rates, improved reliability, and improved power consumption. This means you can connect the two devices via Bluetooth at the same time. From the metal grill in the front, to the leather casing around the speaker. 49 points. Marshall Kilburn Shop now at Amazon. The UE Megaboom is an 8.9-inch-long (22.6 cm) cylinder weighing just under two pounds (.907 kg), whereas the Marshall Kilburn is a tad bit longer and much bulkier box that looks like a guitar amp in miniature (it’s designed to mimic the famous Marshall guitar amps). While the Marshall Acton has slightly more power than the Kilburn, the Kilburn feels and sounds more full-range and can handle bass-heavy music better with tight bass. An indicator shows you when the device has low battery. 48 $ 249. It has faster transfer rates and improved security compared to its predecessors – a, b, and g. 802.11ac wireless works on the 5GHz frequency range. 2 editorial reviews. Device supports fast Bluetooth pairing using NFC so it can communicate with other devices over Bluetooth. Devices with a subwoofer have a higher quality, deeper bass. Stanmore II, on the other hand, is twice as big as the Acton II, and is more of a small shelf speaker. The solid construction and high-quality grilles make it a durable speaker. There is a control panel on the device body, so you can easily access the volume control or remote without having to interact with a cable or another device it's connected to. The higher the high-frequency response, the clearer and crispier the treble. But the Acton has no built-in battery, so it's not meant for portability. 27 points. Marshall Acton. So JBL Xtreme 2 tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than Marshall Kilburn, as seen on the chart below. This one will kick out 102 dB at 1 m. Next up the Kilburn to those significantly smaller will still pack 100 dB at 1 m. The smaller Stockwell two has a maximum SPL of 80 dB at 1 m. Kilburn II is NOT simply the "portable version" of the Acton II Bluetooth, and instead, it lacks significant amplifier power, so it's weaker. Marshall Kilburn vs JBL Xtreme – which one is right for you? I hope this post was helpful for you to learn more about the speakers in your mind. 68 points. By way of comparison, the UE Boom 2’s frequency response range is 90-20,000Hz and the JBL Charge 3’s frequency response range is 63-20,000Hz. This is why Acton II is equipped with 30 W woofer and the Stanmore II with 50 W woofer. Marshall Acton II Voice. With a detachable cable you can use alternative cables, and if the cable is pulled it will pop out instead of breaking. The Marshall Kilburn II measures approximately 10 inches wide, 6 inches high, and 5 inches deep, and it weighs around 5.5 pounds. I think one of the reasons for that is Marshall's portable speaker Kilburn II. Smaller size of Acton II forces downsizing the amplifiers as well. You can find the technical information given in this post in user manuals as well. Print Email. NFC (near-field communication) allows a device to perform simple wireless transactions. Back to Product List. Marshall Acton II Shop now at Amazon. 44 points. 11.34 in. An auxiliary input allows you to play other audio sources by connecting them through a simple audio connection like a 3.5mm jack, i.e for MP3 or portable DVD/CD player. Each Marshall model boasts of multi-host functionality. 9.53 in. Marshall Kilburn II Shop now at Amazon. The lowest frequency at which the device produces audio. Especially useful in noisy environments. The manufacturer offers a branded wireless charging kit. Marshall Acton II vs Marshall Kilburn II. Marshall KILBURN Rechargable Bluetooth Speaker and comparison to the ACTON, STANMORE and WOBURN. These microphones are designed to filter out background noise from the desired sound. A passive radiator is a type of driver (speaker) that doesn't have a voice coil and a magnet. Darauf sollten Sie in der Tabelle am Seitenanfang achten: + bis + + – Wertung bei Ausgangsleistung und Bass. The device is protected with extra seals to prevent failures caused by dust, raindrops, and water splashes. Add at least two items to compare. 13. We intend to go deep into the details with these Bluetooth speakers. The most obvious difference between the two is in size. 6.3 in. MSRP $249.00 $299.99 at Amazon A lower weight is also an advantage for home appliances, as it makes transportation easier, and for many other types of products. 2.2 2- Marshall Acton – Estilo y elegancia. Сравниваем две модели, Marshall Kilburn и Marshall Kilburn 214+ Without any doubt, these two are fascinating, incredible speakers which have a lot in common, but they do have their own unique advantages, as well. Marshall Acton II Voice. Wireless devices allow users more freedom of movement. With a solid vinyl casing and clear front grille showcasing the Marshall logo, both the portable speakers are of great quality. vs. vs. 46 facts in comparison. Marshall Acton II vs. Stanmore II vs. Woburn II: any way you go, you can expect to get some amazing features. 2.2.1 Ventajas; 2.2.2 Desventajas; 2.3 Otras Comparativas Sonos: 3 Marshaal Kilburn Vs Sonos Play 1. Even though its the smallest speaker here… its has the most hardware going for it. vs. vs. 47 facts in comparison. It provides advantages for gaming and HD video streaming. Available colors: Editiorial reviews: 3.5 / 5. You can use your voice to control key functions of the device and you can easily access your device without pushing any button. Marshall Kilburn II $ 317. The device has an option to mute/unmute a conversation directly from the device. Cost-effectiveness winner. Sort: Clear All. The Kilburn is a much better party speaker than the Acton but both actually do sound very good at … 5.51 in.

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